Monday, 5 November 2018

WhatsApp Secret feature

Secret WhatsApp  feature: How to know if your WhatsApp message was read anyone, even with blue ticks turned off

When What Safe introduced Blue Ticks on its chat platform, this step had to face heavy criticism. However, over time, this feature made way into the life of  WhatsApp users. Although there are so many users who tick, they take very little care, many other users are concerned about their privacy and give blue ticks aka convenience, receipts for their WhatsApp chat are closed.

By doing so it is ensured that the receiver does not know other Whatsapp contacts, whether or not their messages have been read, which can sometimes be very disturbing. What if we tell you that there is a way that you can know whether or not your message has been read without telling them?
The move that we are talking about has some basic rules, where you execute it, and you can decide for your behavior by the person you have sent the message. While the work will definitely work, it can bother the other person because you disrespect her privacy preferences. But if you are willing to give it to any shot, then this new move can tell you when and when your messages have been read, even if the other person you are chatting with is reads for all WhatsApp chat Receipt facility is closed.
Whatsapp rolled out the Blue Ties feature in 2014, where one could know if their message was read by that person or not. However, for the people concerned or the other people do not wish to know that they have read the message, this facility can be closed. In Whatsapp settings, go to Privacy sub-settings and close the read receipt options only. However, WhatsApp's Reed Receipt feature works only for personalized texts and media content, which means that voice clip messages are not supported by this feature.

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The Voice Clip feature is equivalent to audio attachments on WhatsApp for users who prefer to type in long messages, or even less for that case. You should have some WhatsApp contacts in your list that you want to hear your voice instead of reading your messages. Whatsapp says on your blog that read receipts are not compatible with voice clips, which means that when you listen to the voice clip, the other person will know. Our work is here only - voice clips

If you want to know that your message is actually absent on purpose or just because the person sent to them was busy or away from their phone, then voice clip method will not always work for you. Now, you just have to send a short voice clip - even a 1-second clip will work - the person's privacy settings you want to infiltrate. The moment they listen to the clip, the voice clip message will show two blue ticks, indicating that the message has been read. You can also press the sound clip message for a long time and go to your information to know the time. Note, the voice clip message will only show the blue tick after being heard by another contact.

The only drawback with this work is that it is an inevitable way to know that your messages were deliberately ignored or only the other person was engaged in some meeting or driving. You can be accused of signing and this activity can only miss you back. Well, you have to be alert and apologetic about the person because it can also involve the trust issues between you and the person.

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